DL–Flex-Bag Temporary Storage

The DL-Flex-Bag has been specially developed for temporarily expanding your storage capacity (manure, drinking water and extinguishing water). The bag is easy to fold and quickly move to other locations. The bag is made in our own factory from KIWA certified and polyester-reinforced PVC foil with a weight of 1150 grams per m². The material has an enormous tensile strength and is professionally welded together in our factory, so that the DL-Flex-Bag meets the highest requirements in terms of strength. Available in various sizes, with a volume or storage capacity of approx. 50 m3 to approx. 350 m3. The DL–Flex-Bag can be placed almost anywhere and on almost any flat surface.

This bag is supplied complete with air vents, filling and suction points, shut-off valves and sufficient anchorage points. As a manure bag, it is easy to fill and also easy to empty and the last residues can be rinsed out with water if necessary.

Roll & Move DL-Flex-Bag

It is also possible to rent our DL-Flex-Bag to increase your temporary storage, these bags have a capacity of approx. 200m³. The DL-Flex-Bag is suitable for manure storage, water storage and other liquid storage.
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