Water silos


Water storage silos from DL Plastics B.V. are extremely suitable for the storage of, among other things, rainwater or the storage of water for irrigation in agriculture and horticulture. The most important parts of a water storage silo are the corrugated galvanized or galvanized steel plates, the bolts, washers and nuts, the 300 gram protective fleece and the silo liner. Water storage silos from DL Plastics B.V. are available in various diameters and heights and with storage capacity of up to 4,000,000 litres. The maximum diameter is above 40 meters and with a height of 5.32. In a number of diameters, the height is even possible up to 6.02. Based on the requested diameter and the wall height, a strength calculation is made to determine the thickness of the steel plates. To keep the weight of the steel plates to a minimum, we use steel of the highest quality. S350 steel with 450 micron galvanization. In order to obtain the maximum strength, the flat galvanized steel plates are provided with the bolt holes with a robot. The plates then pass through the rollers that create the waves in the plate material. This way of corrugating makes the steel silo 9x stronger than flat steel.


As an option, we recommend coating the bottom ring of the silo as a minimum. For this we have a very high-quality powder coating that is available in every RAL color. This powder coating is applied after the plates have been provided with the bolt holes and have been corrugated. Due to this unique and distinctive way of coating, the bolt holes and cut edges are completely protected against external influences. If one or more rings of the silo are buried, it is a requirement to provide the rings that are in the ground with the coating. Acids and continuous moisture in the soil can affect the galvanization layer. In coastal areas, farms (acidic environment) it is always recommended to fully coat the silo. But it is also neat to place the silo next to a company in the same color as the company colors. All our silos are provided with the CE mark and strength calculation.


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