Silo Covers/tension covers


The assembly, delivery and assembly of the so-called tension covers for covering storage silos is one of the standard activities that are carried out daily in our company. Our group of highly skilled employees have followed various courses and training courses for the processing and processing of various types of plastics. A number of them have more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in, among other things, the assembly and welding of Polyester-reinforced PVC foils, which are used for almost all types of storage silos. These silos are used for the storage of, among other things; drinking water, waste water, manure, oil, chemicals and other liquids or solid dry substances.

The so-called tension covers or silo covers are placed as a top cover on, among other things, wooden, steel or concrete silos, to prevent rainwater from entering the silo or to prevent toxic gases or other harmful substances from being able to spread through the air in the environment. to spread. The prevention of stench and poison emulsion makes the air that humans and animals need as oxygen to live a lot healthier and more pleasant.


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