Concrete protection

DL PLASTICS B.V. supplies and installs various plastic materials for concrete protection in, among other things, sewage pumping stations, sewage and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs, WWTPs and industrial treatment plants), sewage pipes, biogas installations, silos and cellars. Our specialists have more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the field of prefabrication, application, installation and welding of various types of plastic materials. The plastic materials protect the concrete structures against acids and alkalis, gases, aggressive liquids and chemicals.

All materials are produced in various thicknesses from the very best quality raw materials. Both in our factory and on location, our specialists have the most modern machinery at their disposal, which can be called very high-quality due to their own knowledge and research. In order to guarantee quality, both the technicians in our factory and on location are specially trained and qualified. Our technicians are experts in welding, testing for tightness and making our plastic concrete protection completely water-tight and gas-tight. We mention the following of the most commonly used materials from our wide range:

DL T-Lining

The DL T-Lining has a very high chemical resistance and has been used with great success for more than 30 years for the protection of concrete structures against corrosion in; sewage and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs and WWTPs), sewage pipes, sewage pumping stations, drinking water reservoirs, chemical storage depots and manure storage cellars. The material is provided with so-called T-profiles on one side and is attached to the formwork in such a way that the T-profiles are anchored in the concrete after the formwork has been removed. DL T-Lining is available in several colors and is produced in the materials HDPE, PP and PVC.

DL Anchor Plate

In addition to DL T-Lining, DL PLASTICS also offers DL Anchor Plate as concrete protection. This is a plastic plate with a large number of anchoring studs on one side. The material is made from the very best raw materials and therefore has excellent chemical resistance and a very long service life. DL Anchor Plate is available in several colors and is produced in the materials HDPE, PP and PVDF.

DL Renovation Lining

We can offer you DL Renovatie Lining for existing concrete structures. This is a smooth plastic sheet on both sides, which can be applied on location in a special way using a stainless steel fasteners are mechanically anchored to the concrete. These plastic sheets are available in several colors and are produced in the materials HDPE, PVC, PP and PVDF.

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DLPHS Lining

DLPHS Lining. This material is extremely suitable for existing and partially damaged concrete structures. DLPHS Lining is a permanently flexible plastic concrete protection that is applied on site by our specialists using a machine specially developed for this purpose. Due to a special treatment of existing structures, a very strong connection can be made on almost any surface with our DLPHS Lining. DLPHS Lining is applied in various qualities. The choice of product to be applied is determined after examination and analysis of the content and inspection of the substrate.

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