Manure bags


A manure bag is a specially developed foil bag intended for manure storage. The manure bag is supplied in a square or rectangular shape in consultation with an inspection opening. Pipes and valves are also supplied in consultation. The material is PVC reinforced KIWA certified. Total weight approximately 1,150 grams/m². The seams are both thermally and high-frequency welded.

These manure bags must be supported all around with an embankment.

The bags can be supplied with a volume of up to 1,000 m³. The whole can be assembled by us on site. To prevent blowing up due to vacuum suction, the whole is tensioned with a strap and secured with picket posts.


  • Suitable for soft ground aesthetically (it is not so noticeable in the environment)
  • No rainwater in the manure (closed system)
  • Easy to install
  • No odour nuisance
  • No building permit required
  • Movable
  • U.V. (sunlight) resistant
  • Frost resistance down to –30°C
  • Acid and salt resistant
  • Long lifespan


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