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DL PLASTICS B.V. (previously De Lange Plastic Linings) is a family business that has been a major player on the global market for over 50 years in the field of processing and assembling of flexible foils. DL PLASTICS B.V. distinguishes itself by its expertise, flexible attitude and of course its level-headed Friesian mentality. All around the world our specialists have accomplished many projects for large national and international companies.

Concrete Protection

DL PLASTICS B.V. supplies and installs various plastic materials for concrete protection in, among other things, sewage pumping stations, sewage and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs, WWTPs and industrial treatment plants), sewage pipes, biogas installations, silos and cellars

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Waterstorage silo

To guarantee the watertightness of the silos, they are fitted with a tankliner on the inside. Liners are made in our own factory, by certified specialists, to any desired size. The tankliners are made of very high quality flexible plastics.

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Water basins

Using the latest welding techniques, certified professionals in their own factory prepare thousands of liners for water storage tanks and silos and hundreds of foil tarpaulins for sealing water basins every year.

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Petrochemical industry

At various locations throughout the world, plastics for liquid-tight bottom sealing for storage tanks, oil tanks and tank farms. As standard, a very high-quality HDPE foil with a thickness of 2 mm or more is processed on location and tested for tightness and after approval, of course, delivered liquid-tight.

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DLPHS Lining

DLPHS Lining. This material is extremely suitable for existing and partially damaged concrete structures. DLPHS Lining is a permanently flexible plastic concrete protection that is applied on site by our specialists using a machine specially developed for this purpose.

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A DELAFLOAT is made of a very high quality polyolefin material. The material consists of two layers (one layer colored white) with small air-filled spaces in between that provide the high buoyancy.

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