A DL-Aircover is an air inflated cover with, in consultation, a (telescopic) center column. After a long period of testing and the necessary quality checks at various test locations where DL PLASTICS B.V. a DL-Aircover was placed on a manure storage silos, our quality controllers gave their approval and deemed the DL-Aircover suitable to serve as the top cover of silos for the storage of irrigation water, drinking water or other liquids. We are proud that we can take the DL-Aircover into production and that we can also offer it to you. A DL-Aircover is the most durable solution for covering your silo without a fixed center post. Specially used for steel silos (but also suitable for concrete, wooden silos).


The roof part to be inflated is produced from Kiwa certified PVC reinforced foil and meets all the requirements.

A round reinforcement tube is mounted on the edge of the steel silo. The hood is tensioned over this tube using a circumferential tube, strap and tensioners. As a result, the silo does not have to absorb the tension. When the aircover is tensioned, the whole is inflated with a small fan. (Power consumption only approx. for comparison of a 150 Watt lamp

A height-adjustable centre post is also installed to prevent collapsing and to give the whole structure stability.


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