DL Horti-Cover PVC


DL Plastics B.V. are reputed as a supplier of high-quality covers to the major water boards, water treatment plants, manure storage and in industry. The experience that DL Plastics B.V. gained from supplying sustainable tensioned covers in these sectors has led to the development of a cover for horticulture. By reinforcing the corrugated steel water tank with a galvanised pipe in the upper wave of the silo, we ensure that the silo is reinforced against the load of snow and strong wind. The combination of the angle of inclination from the tension hood to the silo edge makes the construction very strong and reliable. We use very high quality PVC reinforced materials for the cover. Dependent on the country and region, we determine the level of UV radiation and thickness the material must be able to withstand.

To safely and sustainably cover your silo.
DL Horti Cover PVC

  • Diameters from 2.74 to approximately 15.00 m.
  • Larger diameters up to more than 30m are possible on request.
  • Used materials adapted to local climate conditions.
  • Colours grey or green. Special colours available on request.
  • No metal parts come into contact with the water, the post and base plate are made of plastic
  • Due to a specially designed HDPE bottom plate, the post can be safely placed on the existing liner.
  • Legal guarantees, longer guarantee possible through annual inspection.
  • One or more closable manholes, inspection hatches and prefabricated penetrations.
  • Assembly by DL Plastics B.V. or supplied with a clear installation manual.


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