Silo and Hydroponic liner: DelafleX Food Grade


Regulations soon to apply require everything that comes into contact with food to be certified food safe. It is essential to ensure no toxic emissions from the material come into contact with food, this applies from the packaging of the seed of a plant to the packaging in the supermarket, it must be food safe.

Water is the most important product to grow a plant. The fact that the irrigation water must be guaranteed free of toxic substances is a logical and legal obligation.

Food producers and processors must meet these strict requirements and keep administrative records. DL Plastics B.V. as producers and processors deliberately engaged a German testing institute known for adhering to the strictest standards in terms of food safety and drinking water requirements to test the DelafleX material.

We are very proud to announce that DelafleX is currently one of the only certified lining material meeting the new Food-Grade and drinking water requirements.

Besides the fact that DelafleX is now certified, DelafleX’s resistance is very high against:

  • Common fertilizers in horticulture
  • Very high UV Load
  • Chlorine values op tot 3.5ppm
  • Flapping damage
  • Damage due to icing
  • High heat resistance

DelafleX is processed exclusively by DL Plastics B.V. using the most modern cutting and welding techniques and only employing certified and internally trained production employees.

Our experienced team continuously monitors production and thoroughly checks the liners before they are packed. Ready to be shipped Worldwide!


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