Water basin


DL Plastics B.V. has been known for many years as a supplier and producer of high-quality plastic materials and end products. Using the latest welding techniques, certified professionals in their own factory prepare thousands of liners for water storage tanks and silos and hundreds of foil tarpaulins for sealing water basins every year, which are not only sold in the Netherlands, but also exported to all parts of the world.

The materials most commonly used for this application so far are PVC, fPP and LDPE materials. When using these materials it is known that problems and leaks can arise due to the flapping due to the wind and recirculation water and the influence of UV radiation in the long term. After years of research, a new foil has been developed that, given the test results, is even better suited for these applications, namely the DELAFLEX® material. DELAFLEX® is more UV resistant and tests have shown that the material is resistant to very high mechanical stress and therefore also more resistant to the well-known so-called clatter damage! DELAFLEX® is available in 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm thickness.

DELAFLEX® water basin sails in mega large dimensions, supplied on a roll.


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