A manure resistant foil, which is very strong and has high chemical resistance, must be used when constructing a manure storage basin to prevent the contamination of groundwater.
The following is used:
- LDPE foil 1 mm or 0.80 mm thick in black unreinforced.
- PVC (manure quality) foil of 1 mm thick in black unreinforced.
- PVC reinforced polyester of 850 or 1100 gr m² (manure quality) in green or gray.

The following designs and systems are possible:

DL PLASTICS B.V. manufactures and installs manure liners to be used in manure storage tanks in various diameters and heights. The liner consists of unreinforced PVC manure quality 1 mm with a reinforced PVC edge that hangs over the edge of the tank. The liner is attached to the tank with the aid of ratchets or cord for tensioning.

In consultation the liners can also be delivered in the following grades:
- PVC reinforced polyester
- LDPE 1 mm thick unreinforced

Our liners are supplied, in consultation, complete with wall protection, ratchets and cord.

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Floating covers
To cover the manure tank, we also deliver floating covers. These covers are delivered, in consultation, with vents, HDPE tube, cord/rope for tensioning and mixing hatch. The materials used are, in consultation, unreinforced PVC 1 mm in black, unreinforced LDPE 080 or 1 mm thick in black or PVC reinforced polyester either in green or grey colours.

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Silo covers
Assembling, supply and installation of the so called tensile structures to cover storage silos is one of our standard procedures daily performed in our company.

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Our group of highly skilled employees have followed various courses and trainings for processing and editing of various types of plastics. Some of them have over 30 years of experience and knowledge with assembling and welding of polyester reinforced PVC foils. These silos are used for the storage of: drinking water, waste water, manure, oil, chemicals and other liquids and even solid dry substances.

The so called span caps or silo caps are used as a top cover for wooden, steel and concrete silos to prevent that rainwater comes in the silo, or to prevent that toxic gases, or other harmful substance get spread in the environment. Prevent bad odor and poison emulsion that makes the air that we humans and animals need to live a lot healthier and pleasant.

Manure bags
The manure bag is delivered in a square or rectangular shape, in consultation, with an inspection hatch. Furthermore, in consultation, pipes and seals are included. The material is especially designed for manure storage and consists of a polyester fabric with a PVC coating. Total weight approximately 1100 gr m². The seams are both thermally and high frequency welded.

The bags can be supplied with a capacity of 1000 m3. The whole can be assembled on site by us. To avoid being blown about by the wind, due to vacuum suction, the whole is tensioned and secured with traps and fastened with picket posts.

- Suitable for soft ground, aesthetic (environmentally less obtrusive)
- No rain in the manure (closed system)
- Easy to build
- No odour
- No need for planning permission
- Moveable
- U.V. (Sunlight) resistant
- Frost resistant to -30°C
- Acid and salt-resistant
- Long lifespan

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Basin liners
- Bottom layer, rectangular cover sheets in various sizes, virtually unlimited in size.
- Top layer, in the same size as the bottom layer, with or without mixing hatch and vents.

These cover sheets can also be supplied in various grades. Reinforced or unreinforced PVC or LDPE.

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